Windows XP, is it worth the upgrade?

Windows XP is one of the most stable operating systems that Microsoft has released to date. It ends the distinction between the corporate and consumer packages. It has a strong compatibility with hardware and software. If you have software that is buggy, XP can usually prevent it from crashing other Windows applications, allowing “clean” recovery.

If your system can handle the upgrade, you will find that it is well worth it. Windows XP requires a minimum of 1.5 GB of hard drive space, a 300 MHZ processor and at least 128mb of RAM.

Windows XP provides an easy to use networking wizard that allows you to configure your machine for both local networks and the Internet. Connecting 2 home computers or an office full of computers is very easy. Hooking up to the Internet is just as easy. XP’s basic default settings allow even novices to “plug and play”.

The security is set up to eliminate most script based hack attacks by concealing virtual back doors. Unfortunately, XP does not protect against email viruses. A good anti-virus application is still essential in your arsenal of computer tools.

The tools for editing digital, video and audio are impressive. The revamped Windows Media Player includes video editing capability with great built-in file compression. You can actually edit your own digital photos and videos and create your own CD. Windows XP also offers support for DVD, and CD Read and Write. You can burn a CD by simply clicking on the “Copy to CD” tab in the menubar.

Microsoft operating systems are the basis for many small businesses. The decision to upgrade can involve many computers and lots of time. It is nice to see that once the effort is put in, you have a stable platform to grow from.


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