Domain Name Registration Update


When we first started as internet consultants back in '94, all domain names were registered through Network Solutions. A couple of years ago, ICANN, the governing body for domain registrations, opened up the system and allowed other companies to register domains.


Many of us registered domain names through either Network Solutions or Registrars. Recently, Verisign purchased both companies. All registration changeovers were completed by March 15, 02. You may have received communication from them either through the mail or through email.


The emails and letters should have given you your new login and password for your domain name in your new Verisign account. This is critical information and should be carefully filed.


If you were not contacted, you need to check and see if your user profile is correct. One way to do that is to go to and click on the "whois" button. When the new page comes up, enter your domain name. What comes up next is your user profile. You will want to check it for accuracy. Make sure the domain record has your current address, phone, fax and email address.


User profiles are broken down into 4 sections; business registrant, administrative contact, technical contact and financial contact. Your name (or business name) needs to be the business registrant, administrative contact, and financial contact. If your domain is registered in this manner, you have full control over your domain.


Billing for your domain will now also come through Verisign. If you receive a renewal notice, payments can be made with a credit card at It is usually very easy to do. Occasionally the system will not accept your credit card, if that is the case, you will need to contact them and get your information into their system.


If you experience further difficulties you may contact KhalsaWeb at 909 585-3234, for free assistance.