Optimize Your PC Skills
Keyboard Command Combos

Besides using the mouse to click and save a file, you can also use keyboard commands, making your actions easier and much faster.

Any of us who use a computer regularly notice that there are certain menu commands that are the same. You can Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Save, Print and switch between programs, without taking your hands off the keyboard. These basic commands are standard in most Operating Systems and software except some games, where you wouldn’t expect to perform these actions.

You’ve done these actions countless times using the mouse. Notice the little codes to the right of many of the menu items? These are the keyboard equivalents to the menu command.

As you can see by going through the menus, there are many Keyboard Command equivalents to the mouse actions. The most commonly used actions are listed below. Study the menus for many more keyboard commands in the program you are using.

To activate a command, hold the Control (ctrl) key, at the bottom left of the keyboard. On the Mac, use the Command key (cmd, with the Apple), right next to the Spacebar. Strike the other corresponding key for the action you wish to use.


Undo ctrl Z cmd Z
Cut ctrl X cmd X
Copy ctrl C cmd C
Paste ctrl V cmd V
Bold ctrl B cmd B

Open (file) ctrl O cmd O
Close Window ctrl W cmd W
Save ctrl S cmd S
Quit/Exit ctrl Q cmd Q
Print ctrl P cmd P

Select All Text on Page ctrl A cmd A
New (document) ctrl N cmd N
Switch to another running program alt tab cmd tab

Start with one or two of these short cuts and slowly expand your use of them. You will move through projects much faster and with more efficiency as your skills improve.