Online News Resources


Looking for more diverse news coverage? If you press the news search button on most search engines, you will pick up news from wire services like Reuters and the Associated Press. There are also news search engines such as Moreover, Yahoo and Excites’ News Tracker, that will target headlines from subject-oriented sites.


Moveover provides news feeds covering nearly 300 different categories. If you visit their homepage, you will find drop down boxes on the left side of the page allowing you to view current headlines. You can also choose to have topics of interest emailed to your computer.


From a staff of eight editors, Moreover gets their news from 2,000 different sources. They use diverse sites ranging from CNN and the New York Times to sites like, a subject oriented website that is currently covering domain name dispute litigation.


At Yahoo, news can be viewed in 2 different ways, either through the Yahoo News or in Yahoo Full Coverage. Yahoo News can be accessed from the home page by clicking on the News link below the search box. This page will give news listed in major categories and information commonly found through the wire services.


Yahoo Full Coverage is run by a team of editors who compile webpages and link them to the individual websites. To find the Full Coverage section from the Yahoo homepage, click  on the tiny Full Coverage link that is just below the larger “News & Media” link. Besides the choice of headlines, there are topics such as business, tech, politics, sports and health. Each of these sections also shows a list of headlines. For example, the sports section current is covering the 2000 Sydney Olympics.


Locally, you can always find the current issue of the Big Bear Grizzly online at When important events are happening in the valley, the Chamber of Commerce also puts information in their Director’s Message section. You can access it at:


With the proliferation of websites on the internet, there are many resources to find news stories. The White House scandal began due to the Drudge Report, and alternative online news site. Wherever you choose to get your information, make sure that it is from a credible source. There are no censors or restrictions in cyberspace!