Intelligence Software


Marketing websites typically consists of submissions to search engines, keyword buys and placing banner advertisements. Knowing how your website visitors find your website will help you to identify which promotions are working for you. Intelligence software are tracking programs that allow you to identify not only where your website traffic comes from, but other important bits of information like, how long do people remain on your site and what search terms they have used to find you. To pick tracking software that is right for your website, there are a couple questions that need to be answered.


What types of customers are profitable? You will find that targeting your customers will give you a higher ROI (return on investment). Many times keyword buys and selected banner ads will accomplish this. The right tracking software will allow you to see which ads are working.


Do you want a hosted solution (web server based) or do you want to take care of it in-house? Software that is hosted on the server requires no installation and none of your time is involved. In-house solutions can be integrated with customer management software or your accounting software.


Below is an example of information given by common server logs and a free website tracker from Extreme Tracking.


In typical server logs you will find information regarding the total number of hits to your website, the number of hits per hour, and the total hits per day. You will also find out which pages visitors used to enter and exit your website. There will be a list of website referrers, search terms used to find your website and usage by country and continent.


The free tracker from Extreme Tracking will give you a list of daily statistics, along with weekly and monthly averages. It identifies which hours of the day have the highest usage. Extreme Tracking also tells you what browsers are being used to view your site, along with operating systems and screen resolutions. You will find a list of search terms used to find your website and a list of which website referred the visitor to you. This helps you to understand which search engines are sending people to your website.


Design, navigation and marketing are all important, but collecting information on your visitors will help you to increase your ROI.