Marketing Through Social Media

Marketing Websites with Social Media

Are you ready to start blogging, tweeting and linking in? There are a couple of factors to consider.

1.) It’s important to create a plan first. Decide on your startegy. We suggest you start by setting up a company blog, a facebook account and a Twitter account. Use your keywords as the basis of your account name.

2.) Develop your content. Begin writing articles that are about 250 words in length. Include photos and or videos. Load them into your blog and then link over from Facebook and Twitter. Keep your posts interesting. No one wants to read advertisements.

3.) Post consistently. Assign someone to regularly update the Social Media Accounts. Google will reward consistency. It’s best to post daily if possible.

4.) Listen to your fans. Read your fan page on Facebook. Be aware of what your customers are asking for.

Marketing websites has changed dramatically over the years. You have quite a bit of control over your brand and your exposure.

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